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What can AI do for my Business - Corporate Edition

Wien, Österreich
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AI is the new electricity - Andrew Ng. 
The disruptive potential of Artificial Intelligence is undisputed, however most companies struggle to find the right approach on how to integrate AI into their daily business. 

EnliteAI has developed a multi-layered approach where we lead companies along our AI Business Canvas to identify the most promising AI use-cases, assess the AI readiness of available data as well as define the set of AI tools and methods.


  • Presentation and Discussion of AI use-cases along real-world examples
  • Group work "What can AI do for my business" by applying our AI Business Canvas
    • Target definition - In which areas and company functions could AI have the largest impact on my business?
    • AI Readiness - Which data is available within my company to achieve these targets? Are data quantity and quality sufficient for an AI-based approach?
    • How to implement AI - Deep-dive discussion on which AI methods are suitable to achieve defined targets
  • Presentation and Discussion of Use-cases
  • Wrap-up and Feedback

Target Group: Executives, innovation managers, product owners and team leaders
Price per workshop participant, group discounts upon request
Minimum number of participants:
Language: English or German
Duration: 3-4 hrs (depending on number of participants)

After you booked the course, you will be provided with a link for choosing your preferred date for the workshop.

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